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Alaska Outdoor Living Space

Make the Most of Your Alaska Outdoor Living Space

For many homeowners, the front and back yards provide completely different environments. If you are an avid gardener or landscaper, the front of your home provides a natural showcase for your gifts. The back yard, on the other hand, is where your family lives and plays in the long, hot days of summer. If the back yard and front yard serve such different purposes, it makes sense -- both design-wise, and from a practical perspective -- to create a barrier between those two worlds.
Alaska Earthquake

Alaska Earthquake Property Damage?

Spring is officially here and we are here to help with your earthquake damage clean up. Contact us today for an estimate on damages. #anchoragebusiness #anchoragesmallbusiness #propertyservices #anchorage #alaska #handyman #electrical #contractor #generalcontractor #snowremoval #lawn #landscaping #alaskabusiness #lawncare #excavation #fences #earthquake
Lawn Care Company in Anchorage

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawn Care Company in Anchorage

Caring for your lawn is a lot of work. If you are tired of all the weeding, fertilizing and constant mowing, hiring a lawn care company is a great way to relieve the burden. With the routine care of your lawn out of the way, you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time working in it.
Handyman in Anchorage

What to Look for When Hiring a Handyman in Anchorage

Hiring a handyman in Anchorage can make you want to pull your hair out. Unfortunately, that's totally normal. The easiest way to approach this is to break it down a bit. You want to have a good understanding of the exact work you need done so you know what kind of handyman you are looking for. The word handyman is an umbrella for many things. It's important to remember that a handyman is just that. He's handy to help with many home projects. However, not all handymen are experienced plumbers, electricians, or tradesmen of any sort for that matter. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a handyman in Anchorage.
Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping your property will help organize the various portions of your land into usable sections. If designed right, your improved landscape will aid in draining excessive water and prevent flooding, as well as aid in the continued maintenance of your property. In this article we’ll give you the basics of some common practices we use at Be Happy Property Services for creating beautiful and easy to maintain landscapes.

Excavation | Does and Dont’s

Excavation can help to drastically restructure your commercial or residential property. It can also drastically restructure your wallet if you’re not careful. Here are some things to both look for and avoid when excavating your property.

Call before you dig!

As always, call your main utility suppliers and request to have a technician come out and mark your property for no dig spots. Most properties are littered with underground infrastructures that supply power, water and gas various hook-ups on the property. Call and have these infrastructures clearly marked prior to turning any earth. Skipping this step will most certainly lead to a busted or broken utility line on your property, and you’ll be left to foot the bill for repairs. Besides being ridiculously dangerous, busting open a utility line will cost thousands of dollars in man hours to repair. Money aside, you don’t want to electrocute yourself, flood your property with endless amounts of leaking water, or suffocate your neighborhood with a natural gas leak. All of these things are very bad news and ought to be avoided. Call before you dig! In Anchorage, simply dial 811 in your phone and the municipality will take it from there.

Excavation depths to avoid

While digging holes in your property, be sure not to dig a hole too deep or too steep. While the ground may support a 10 foot trench one day, a decent night of rain will drastically change the composition and behavior of your properties soil. You may wake up to buried equipment, or worse, you may get buried yourself while you work. Excavation trenches deeper than 5 feet are required a protective system to prevent cave-ins or collapsing of walls. Depths of 20 feet or more require that the protective system be de-signed by a registered professional engineer or be based on tabulated data prepared and/or approved by a registered professional engineer. Before excavating your property, know how deep you plan to dig and implement protective systems accordingly.

Protective Systems

There are several protective systems that can be used to ensure your safely while excavating your property. Lets take a look at a few:
  1. Sloping involves cutting back the trench wall at an angle inclined away from the excavation.
  2. Shoring requires installing aluminum hydraulic or other types of supports to prevent soil movement and cave-ins.
  3. Shielding protects workers by using trench boxes or other types of supports to prevent soil cave-ins.
Be careful when designing your protective system. There are many factors to consider in your design, including soil classification, depth of cut, water content of soil, changes due to weather or climate, surcharge loads (eg., spoil, other materials to be used in the trench) and other operations in the vicinity.

Competent Excavator

OSHA standards require an evaluation of an excavation hole every day prior to allowing any workers to enter the area. This evaluation must be done by a competent person to ensure the elimination of excavation hazards. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on this role, there are local professionals who can help you get the job done correctly and safely. Be Happy Property Services offers a large array of professional excavation services. With a safety first mindset, Be Happy PS will give you true peace of mind while they labor over the dangerous aspects of your property’s project. Sit back and let the professionals take care of your digging needs quickly and efficiently. To find out more about Be Happy’s excavation services, or to schedule a property assessment, please click here to send us an email, or click here to simply give us a call. Happy digging!


Visit the OSHA website to find more information about excavation and best practices to keep you and your wallet safe.

Handyman | Choose Wisely

Handyman services are a common way to spruce up the appearance and function of your home or commercial property. Here are some things to look for, as well as some things to avoid, when hiring a handyman.

Experienced Handyman

When you’re browsing Google or your local Yellow Pages for a potential handyman to hire, make sure you can easily find indications that they have experience to get the job done right. Their website or social page should have a plethora of job-site images from past jobs they have completed. Additionally, check their Google Page for reviews to gain a thorough idea of how satisfied their past customers have been. An experienced handyman should have plenty of positive reviews, and few bad ones.

Licensed and Insured

The last thing you want is to hire someone to make some invasive changes to your home or commercial property only to find that their work was improperly performed. This leaves you with a bigger and more expensive problem to get fixed. If your handyman is licensed and insured, the odds of them being capable to handle the job are drastically increased. Additionally, if they mess something up that requires more time and money to fix, their insurance policy should remove the majority, if not all, of the burden from your wallet. Look for terms “Licensed and Insured” in their advertising, or simply ask them if they have a professional license with a valid insurance policy.


There’s a large difference between the handyman who fixes things and the handyman who aims to please. Nobody wants strangers in their home or commercial space cussing up a storm or smelling the place up with bad hygiene. A professional should show up with a smile, present themselves in a clean and tolerable manor, and make sure that you are happy before they part ways. Small things like vacuuming up the sheetrock dust after drilling some holes carry decent weight with your overall satisfaction. Make sure your choice is a professional before inviting them into your private space.

Look No Further

Having a hard time locating a professional with all of the above attributes? Be Happy PS has you covered. We offer an array of handyman services and promise to leave your property at least as clean as we found it. Our professionals are clean and presentable and will not foul up your property with an unpleasant appearance or inappropriate language. Contact us today for a quote, or click here to learn more about the various handyman services we offer.

Stop Tiptoeing Around Your Lawn Care: Spring Planting Basics

Lawn Care: Know what you’re planting

It may seem obvious, but many people miss out on this one. Alaska has a unique climate, and a whole host of soil irregularities if you’re planting into the ground instead of pots. Make sure whatever you’re planting is hardy enough for the conditions; certain perennial flowers like tulips, pansies, and columbine do particularly well. Your lawn care efforts will prevail with a nice flower garden.

Locate a nursery near you

Lawn care planting is tough in Alaska, but there are no shortage of local nurseries. These folks know their flora, and it’s always a good idea to have a professional opinion close at hand. Local, nursery-grown plants are often healthier than alternatives, so check out your options when buying. Some popular nurseries in the area are Dimond GreenhousesTryck Nursery, and Far North Garden Supply.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

Alaska’s biggest obstacle to lawn care and gardening is the soil; permafrost and rocks don’t make for a green garden. Laying fertilizer in your garden beds will ensure your plants get the nutrients they need. Compare brands to see which fertilizer is right for your garden; most specialize in one certain mineral deficiency, and your plants will do better if you know what your soil is lacking.

Lawn Care & Planting Professionals

Be Happy Property Services offers an array of professional lawn care and planting services. We have experience in maintaining impressive landscapes for both commercial and residential properties. From regular lawn maintenance to full scale excavation and landscape creations, Be Happy PS has the tools and experience to make your property shine. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your lawn and garden, or would like to give your curb appeal a new face-lift, contact Be Happy PS today. Click here to read more about our landscaping services.

Pet Odors: 3 Tips to Neutralize

1. Pet Odors: Baking Soda and Vinegar

When it comes to pet odors, this one’s a classic. If your odor problem isn’t a big stink, this light odor solution might be your best bet. After cleaning the affected area, sprinkle the spot with baking soda and leave it overnight (make sure your furry friends are contained; you don’t want your pets to eat it). In the morning, sweep or vacuum the baking soda and rinse the area with a strong vinegar wash (1-2 cups of white distilled vinegar to a gallon of water).

2. Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Liquid Soap

If baking soda and vinegar isn’t cutting it, this is a good next step (and still low-budget!). Strap on some rubber or latex gloves, and carefully mix a quart of hydrogen peroxide with a quarter-cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid soap. You’ll want to mix this right before you use it, and don’t store this one in a closed container. Pour or spray this mixture onto the affected area*, and blot the excess liquid after waiting 24 hours. The rest will air dry. *Before using this method, you might want to test it on a hidden area of your carpet to make sure it doesn’t affect the color.

3. Professional Cleaning

You’ve tried every homemade solution you can find. You’ve bought commercial products that just aren’t working. You’re at your wit’s end trying to treat that spot in the carpet that Fido keeps coming back to. It might be time to throw in the towel and get professional help. It can’t hurt to ask around. Call your local carpet cleaning or property service companies, and see what they offer in odor removal.

Pet Odors too Strong to Eliminate?

Sometimes our pets can wreak havoc on our home. While regular cleaning and maintenance of your home is the best solution for keeping your home odor free, sometimes more extreme measures need to be taken. Replacing carpets with solid surface flooring is a great way to get your home smelling fresh again and to keep it that way. Be Happy PS has extensive knowledge and experience with home renovations. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, contact us today for a remodel/renovation quote. Additionally, you can learn more about our residential services by clicking here