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2022 Color Forecast Is Centered Around Warm, Nostalgic Tones

The 2022 Color Forecast Is Centered Around Warm, Nostalgic Tones

Sherwin-Williams has officially debuted their 2022 Colormix Forecast, a nuanced prediction of the colors that will reign supreme in homes around the world next year.  "The 2022 forecast is composed of 40 hues and four palettes—Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera," the brand shared in a press release. "The palettes tell stories about sustainability, deep and spiritual maximalism, the connection between technology and mindfulness, and nostalgia for the 1960s to the 1980s."  The lauded paint company predicts that these hues will begin a transition away from the muted neutrals that have dominated over the past few years. Instead, we will move towards warmer, more dynamic colorways—because after over a year stuck inside, staring at our own four walls, we are ready for change. According to the brand, 2022 is going to be all about warm (not monochrome!) neutrals, bold metallics, organic greens, and nostalgic reds.  Collectively, the forecast is called MODE, and it contains 40 hues and four curated palettes that include Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera.  Let’s dive into the forecast's four palettes, filled with all kinds of inspired, curated shades you will want to add to your home, stat.


A celebration of the outdoors is exactly what we need after a claustrophobic year, which is why this palate, above, alternates between the "organic neutrals and tonal luxury" we often find in nature.  You will also see signs of art deco, modern organics, and 1980s postmodernism inside this palette, composed of warm shades.   


Leave minimalism behind with the Opus palette, which draws on dark hues and bold metallics, notes the brand. "Blackberry SW 7577 stirs up theatrical marvel, while Iron Ore SW 7069 explores the darker, edgier side of creative expression," explains the press release. These hues embody maximalism at their core—and can create bold, dynamic looks in your home.


If you're looking for a way to embrace "hygge" in 2022, turn to the Dreamland palette. This collection combines soft forms and "modern Scandinavian minimalism" to bring your romantic vision to life. "Dreamland incorporates berry tones and organic greens, like Rosé SW 6290 and Cucuzza Verde SW 9038, which highlight balance and the vernal sweetness of bud and bloom," adds a Sherwin-Williams brand representative.


If you want your indoor spaces to conjure up simpler times, try the Ephemera color story, which evokes "a warm nostalgia and unwavering optimism" by combining the best of what was with the   possibility of everything that may yet be. "Unifying retro futurism, meaning, and memory, the Ephemera palette merges colors reminiscent of bygone basics, such as Sierra Redwood SW 7598, Peace Yellow SW 2857 and Basque Green SW 6426," reads the  Sherwin-Williams release. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.

The best ROI home improvements – get the biggest return on your investment


The best ROI home improvements – get the biggest return on your investment. Want to make sure that renovation is worth it when selling?  Real estate experts identify the home improvement areas that will give you substantial returns – and those that don't. The big question everyone wants to know - What are the best ROI home improvements, and will the home improvement you are planning give you a decent return on your investment?  These are the questions every savvy home seller should be asking themselves, probably even more so than the more traditional question, "will it add value?" There are many ways to add value to a home that include dozens of different ways to boost your home price. Yet, the bottom line stands true - If you end up sinking substantially more capital than you will ever recoup through a sale, a home improvement will not be a good investment.  Conversely, a simple improvement that is inexpensive and requires  minimum of effort that gives you back 100 percent is a definite YES. So let us look at the top 4 ROI remodel and improvements you can get starting on doing today.


No surprise here, remodeling a kitchen remains one of the home improvements with the highest levels of return on investment. There are estimates that a kitchen remodel, although costly, will return anywhere between 50-75% (or more).  If you're deciding between a kitchen and a bathroom remodel, go for the kitchen. The reason is that even if the bathrooms are older, a retail buyer perceives a full kitchen remodel as more valuable and convenient. Buying a house with a newer kitchen (and older bathrooms) means the new homeowner can tackle the bathrooms if/when they're ready, one bathroom at a time. Buyers simply do not want the hassle of a kitchen renovation – If you've ever lived through a kitchen renovation, setting up a makeshift kitchen and having to actually use it, can be a complete nightmare! If you don't want to completely remodel a kitchen, there are other ways to make a big difference when selling. Refacing existing cabinets, swapping old counter tops for new quartz or granite, changing out the hardware, adding a fresh coat of paint, new stainless steel appliances, and more modern, trendy plumbing and electrical fixtures can make all the difference.


A great home improvement that can give you a very high ROI – 70-80 percent in many cases. A buyer‘s first impression is critical and doing flooring projects may have a huge impact. You can learn how to refinish hardwood floors yourself, or contact the professionals at Be Happy Property Services. Whatever you do, don't miss an opportunity by covering up an existing wood floor with carpet, which will almost certainly lose you money. 


Don't fancy a huge remodel project? Don't worry – there are plenty of smaller changes you can make that will give you a good return on investment when selling. Exploring fresh paint ideas is one of the easiest ways to prepare your home for a sale. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to the interior of a house. If you are thinking of selling your home, paint the interior before listing it. A fresh coat of light (think whites, light grays and creams) paint to main living spaces can create the feeling of a larger, warmer space.


Don't forget your outdoor space and its huge potential to give you great returns for not very much investment and effort. Modest backyard landscaping ideas have been known to increase the average ROI. What is meant by modest? Simple landscaping updates that are easy to maintain and won't require your buyer to do lots of gardening. Be Happy Property Services is your #1 pick for landscaping professionals. Think a general tidy-up, a few low-maintenance bushes, and a neat driveway. Mow the lawn, pick up the twigs, weed the flower beds and put down some fresh mulch.  Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.
White Christmas lights

It is Lighting Season!

Do you love making a festive showing for the holidays?  Does your HOA or neighborhood have a spoken or unspoken friendly competition for the best Christmas lighting display?  Decorating your home for the holidays is a great way to create a festive mood for Christmas and beyond.  Whether you have an annual tradition of hanging lights on Thanksgiving weekend or you struggle to make the time and squeeze it in when you can, we think you should consider hiring Be Happy Property Services lighting professionals this year.  We offer you the six best reasons to let the professionals handle your home’s Christmas decorations:
  1. Ladders

Are you afraid of heights or just hate wobbly ladders?  We don’t blame you.  There are hundreds of injuries each year from homeowners falling off ladders while hanging outdoor Christmas lights. If you hate doing it, are clumsy, or just want to stay safe, avoiding the ladder is a great reason to let us hang your Christmas lights this year.  
  1. Tangled Lights

After making the time to decorate your home for the holidays, you dig out the bins and start pulling o ut lights - only to find that every strand you grab is tangled beyond your untangling ability or patience level.  What to do? Do you sit there and spend an entire day untangling, transforming the one-day task into an entire weekend project? Or do you call the pros? Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team will handle every bit of your home’s Christmas display from design and installation, to take-down and storage.  
  1. Burnt Out Bulbs

Maybe you managed to avoid tangled strings of Christmas lights, but after spending the day hanging them, you see large portions of your string lights that are not working. Big bummer. So begins the hunt for the single (or multiple) burnt out bulb(s) that is shorting the hours of hard work you have put in. I’d rather avoid that, wouldn’t you?  
  1. Football

Whether you are an NFL fan on Sundays or a die-hard fan on Saturdays, prime football season coincides with ‘hanging Christmas lights’ season. One of the best reasons I’ve ever heard for hiring the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team company is to avoid interrupting football. You could miss the biggest play of the season if you are out on a ladder instead of cozy inside watching the game.   
  1. Baby, It is Cold Outside

Hanging outdoor Christmas decorations and taking them down is a very cold affair. With frigid temperatures and winter winds, installing outdoor Christmas lights can be uncomfortable. Let the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team handle it so that you can stay cozy indoors.

Expert Design, Meticulous Installation, Professional Results & We Take Them Down

While most people that decorate their homes for the holidays have no problem feeling the festive mood to hang outdoor Christmas lighting, the take-down can be a different story.  Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team handles everything! We mean everything!  We’ll design the display, order the supplies, install the lights and décor, and then, we’ll even come back and take those lights down after the holidays. An important task, especially considering most of us don’t have the same ambition or energy after the holidays.  We can pack and store your lights for the summer so that next year, we can do it all again! Don’t wait! Christmas is coming upon us fast and the time needed to design, order and schedule your installation is limited. Like every business right now, we have limited employees and our wait time can be a bit longer than we like.  Call us today to begin your Christmas lighting design consultation with the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team, or reach out with our easy contact form below! Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.  

How Professional Snow Removal Benefits Business Owners

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about how to make your business an accessible, safer, and happier environment for your employees to commute to every day. This is where hiring a professional snow plow service is an excellent way to relieve the everyday stresses of snow removal for your business. Read on to find out reasons why contacting Be Happy Property Services to handle your snow stress is beneficial for your business, and why commercial snow removal can protect you and others from common issues we face during the snow and winter months.

Protect your employees

Having snow buildup around your office building or your business’ home base can be a huge health hazard to your employees and customers. If you don’t take care of it, people could get hurt which is why as a business owner, you are expected to clear your sidewalks during the snowy seasons. Moreover, snow can sometimes mask patches of black ice, which can also cause serious injuries if slipped on. A snowplow will clear up all that excess snow for you in no time.


Make it easier for your employees and customers to access their cars, park in safe spots and, most importantly, enter your establishment. Maintain productivity and convenience, by keeping employees happy and customers safe.

Reliability & Guaranteed Service

You can’t rely on the weather doing you a favor and not dumping large amounts of snow on your curb, but you can rely on it being taken care of when you hire Be Happy Property Services. Contract Be Happy Property Services to take care of your excessive snow for you. When hiring a reliable, reputable local company you can feel assured knowing that we will professionally tend to your plowing needs while maintaining your curb and plants with quality equipment.


Don’t risk ruining your sidewalk or taking more time than necessary to get your snow out of the way. Calling on the experienced staff at Be Happy Property Services, utilizing up-to-date equipment, is a way to ensure that your snow will be handled safely, quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured knowing the plowing will be done correctly, and won’t cause any surface damage to your property.


Focus on running your business, not maintaining the building

Invest in your business by eliminating building maintenance.  You wouldn’t be your own custodian, would you? You have other things to focus on.  Hire Be Happy Property Services for your snow removal needs so your company won’t suffer from a loss of business due to inaccessible conditions.

Peace of mind

Between worrying about the snow on the ground and tiptoeing across an icy driveway, snowstorms and built-up snow on your property is a waste of time. Having it cleared regularly by the professionals at Be Happy Property Services helps you to relax, knowing that it’s taken care of—and don’t we all need one less thing to worry about? In heavy snow conditions, don’t add to your workload by trying to take on snow removal on top of everything else you need to do for your business.  Prepare to face winter with the organizational skills and productivity that Be Happy Property Services provides, and forget the worries that snow may bring. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.

Top home improvement projects with the best return of investment (ROI)

If you’re looking to invest back into your home, you’ve probably already considered several possible remodeling projects.  Renovating your home can boost its value, make it more attractive to prospective buyers. It also transforms it into a better place for you and your family in the present. Let's discuss the home improvement projects with the highest return-on-investment.

First, focus on any essential projects

Right from the start, you might be tempted to jump right into a kitchen or bathroom remodel. After all, you’re in your kitchen every single day—you know just how much it needs a makeover. Before you invest in this type of remodeling, you should really prioritize spending your money, time, and attention. It might sound boring, but replacing your failing garage door or fixing a leaking roof should come first.
Looking for a quick fix to feel motivated? Here are some great ideas to add instant curb appeal.
Most essential home projects have a high ROI, because many of them make it possible for you to sell your home. Major home issues like structural damage or a bad roof should be fixed before listing a home for sale.

If your home’s cooling and heating systems need to be replaced

Take care of that project before you invest in other areas of your home. Yes, a seemingly mundane furnace replacement isn’t going to stand out when people tour your home, however, you’ll have a much easier time selling it when they start looking over the finer details. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home until then.

Refresh your kitchen and bathroom

Once you’ve completed any essential items, you can move onto the fun stuff: remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. Not surprisingly, these two spaces are typically at the top of most homeowner’s to-do lists. Generally speaking, kitchen and bathroom remodels have a high ROI and can have a major impact on your home’s value. The key to getting the most possible value out of your renovation is setting a scope and staying within your budget. Yes, you can build the kitchen of your dreams by putting an extra ten thousand dollars into the project. But, if you’re not going to get that money back when you sell your home, that might not be the wisest investment. Any successful kitchen remodel involves new cabinets and countertops. Be Happy Property Services is here to assist you in recommending high-quality materials and expert installation: cutting corners on granite, quartz, or cabinetry can lead to a shoddy finish and reduced value. You’ll likely spend up to half of your total budget on these materials, but there are ways to save money.  In either room, limit the scope of the project to contain your total overhead. For example, you may not have the budget to replace both the tub and the shower, so just replace the shower and put your remaining money into new floors, a bathroom vanity, and new lighting fixtures. If you’re planning on staying in your home for at least a little while, you can also break the project into phases. Some homeowners remodel most of the kitchen first, and then wait a bit before buying new appliances and putting the finishing touches on the project.

Change your backyard for the better

The backyard is really a major selling point of so many homes. The right backyard can be an inviting space that connects the home to the beauty of the outdoors—especially in the nicest times of the year. A new deck can add significant value to your home. If your home isn’t built for a deck, instead re-imagine your patio. A built-in grill, a gas-lit fire pit, and a cooking prep area can transform your backyard into the place to be in the summer, while also making your home more attractive and valuable. When it comes to value-boosting home upgrades, the list is nearly limitless. Give us a call for a free estimate.  We are more than happy to point you in the right direction, showing you what other local homeowners are doing. With our help, you’ll be able to prioritize what projects you should take on first. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.


Have you been told you need to hire an excavation contractor Not sure what an excavation contractor is, or what they can offer you? When you know that you will need to excavate your property, it can be tempting to DIY in an attempt to save money. However, this often leads to trouble, and eventually makes it expensively clear why people pay for professional excavation services. If you are on the fence about this issue, here are four reasons why you should go with a team of professionals on your next excavation project.  

1. High Risk of Damage to Property During Excavation

One of the major reasons it is inadvisable to DIY when it comes to excavation projects is that there is a high risk of damaging your own property. It is not uncommon for a professional team of excavators to be called in after a homeowner’s already damaged their home or landscaping. So, to avoid having your utilities, home, or something else severely damaged, call in the professionals. Be Happy Property Services is licensed, bonded, and insured, allowing you to have peace of mind!

2. Right Excavation, Right Equipment

When it comes to excavation, a shovel and post hole digger isn’t enough, but that is often all a regular homeowner will have available. With Be Happy Property Services, our professional contractors are equipped with everything they need to complete the job - from start to finish.  

3. No Liability For Damage or Injury

As most property owners have never engaged in excavation, the likelihood of personal injury or damage increases. If things become damaged or someone becomes injured doing the job, the property owner will be held liable. Here at Be Happy Property Services, we are licensed, bonded and insured. That way, should something unexpectedly go wrong, you won’t be on the hook for the cost of fixing it, as our insurance will cover any issues.

4. Reduce Risks Of Erosion

Post-excavation, there can be significant risk of soil erosion. However, with professional excavation services, that risk can be greatly reduced, giving you greater peace of mind protecting your excavated site. So, if you are looking for a top-notch team of professionals for your next excavation project, be sure to contact Be Happy Property Services. We are ready to help you with all your excavation landscaping needs! Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.

9 Things to Do to Your Home Before Fall Starts

It would be amazing if all you needed to prep your home for fall was hang a wreath and light a bunch of pumpkin spice candles. While yes, those are a crucial part of getting ready for the change of seasons, there are more important (and not exactly fun) preparations that come with being a homeowner. Consider everything you need to know before your house transitions from warm summer days to cool nights to freezing temperatures.

1. Clean, or possibly replace, your gutters.

Real talk: You're so used to your gutters working properly — and draining gallons of water from your roof yearly — that you forget they could use a little TLC. If they're clogged, you can end up with a flooded interior and damaged exterior. So clean them, and if necessary, replace them. A little prevention can save you headaches and money. 2. Check for drafts. Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of heating energy use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But it doesn't have to be that way, because weatherstripping is simple and probably the most cost-effective way to keep heating costs down. Pro tip: To check if you have a draft issue, close a door or window on a strip of paper. If the paper slides easily, you need to update your weatherstripping.

3. Drain your outdoor faucets.

Say it with me now: "I will turn off all outdoor faucets before winter!" Drain and disconnect all garden hoses from outside spigots to prevent any water freezing. Not doing this can result to pipes bursting, so yeah, do this.

4. Bring your outdoor furniture in.

Yes, your furniture is outdoor furniture. No, that does not mean you should test the label by leaving it outside through freezing weather and snow drifts. It costs you money and time to set that outdoor space up, so if you want to get another summer season out of it, store it in a garage or shed. If you don't have anywhere to store the items, cover it with waterproof covers.

5. Fix any cracks in your driveway.

I know, I know — this seems tedious and is one of those things where you're like, "eh, it'll be fine!". But, it could very easily not be fine. When water gets into cracks it freezes, expands, and can make the crack even bigger. Enough small cracks can turn into big cracks, and eventually, the concrete will crumble. Plus, you'd probably prefer a driveway without a giant pothole. So, use a concrete crack sealer, fill it up and be done with it.

6. Change your filters

Ouch! Another thing in your house that might be costing you more money then it should be. If your filters are clogged, it's harder to keep your home at the temperature you want it to be, which will increase your heating bills. Clean these filters monthly, not just before the fall, and thank me later. FYI: Disposable filters can be vacuumed one time before you replace it, and foam filters can just be vacuumed and not replaced.

7. Fertilize your lawn.

You know what they say: The best offense is a good defense. If you want to keep your lawn looking great in the spring and summer, you need to prep it for the fall and winter. Roots are still active when the grass isn't growing, so applying fertilizer will prevent winter damage. Doing this will also help your lawn turn green faster in the spring, which is crucial, because who wants to look at a sad lawn once it gets nice out?


8. Test winter equipment.

Hi, I'm here from the future, where your snow blower isn't working and you're stuck inside and can't get your car out to buy a new one. Seriously, just check it all now, and make your life easier later.

9. Change your batteries.

Once a year you should be checking to make sure all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices are working. Since you're already testing everything else out, you might as well add this on. Hope this helps and adds something to your fall/winter checklist. Feel free to contact us for all your home and property services. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services. One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.

20 Tips for Finding a Contractor for Your Home Remodel in the Anchorage Area

They say change is good, but it can also be intimidating. If you don’t plan for success, you are planning for failure. A home remodel can quickly go off the rails in terms of time and budget, making you wonder just what you were thinking when you decided to install a new roof or replace your worn siding. The biggest mistake a homeowner can make when they decide to remodel their home or install a new roof is cutting corners on their contractor. As with most things in life, you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to home renovation professionals. At the end of the day, everyone wants to drive up to their dream home. By working with a reliable, experienced company, you can ensure your home renovation project stays firmly out of nightmare territory. Here are 20 tips for finding a contractor for your home remodel in the Anchorage Area (you can apply these to anywhere, really).
  1. Clearly define your home remodeling project

Before you begin reaching out to contractors, have a clear idea of how exactly you want to remodel your home. This may sound obvious, but many homeowners end up hiring contractors and agreeing on a design, only to then request changes or additional adjustments after the construction work has already started. This often results in the project going over budget, failing to meet the agreed-upon deadlines, or even stopping dead in its tracks. Always plan everything in advance so that you don’t have to make any changes halfway through the project. 
  1. Ask homeowners in your neighborhood

It’s always a good idea to ask others for references. You may naturally turn to friends and family members, but why not ask a few neighbors, too? Did the family down the street just replace their home’s windows?  If the end result looks great, ask them who did the work and if they’re happy with the final product. Take a drive around your neighborhood and look for homes that have undergone recent upgrades. Most homeowners are happy to share their opinion of contractors, especially if they’re pleased with the project.
  1. Look at online reviews

Online has revolutionized the way consumers shop for products and services, with people researching before they buy. Look online to get an idea of what other people have to say about a contractor.  You’ll be able to see a wide range of opinions from homeowners willing to speak up about the quality of the labor, materials and overall workmanship.
  1. Don’t set a minimum (or maximum) number of estimates

When you’re looking for a contractor for any type of home improvement project, one of the first things you’ll hear is “get three estimates.” The problem with limiting yourself to three is that you really can’t be sure you’re getting a good representation of the options available. The better choice is to get as many estimates as it takes for you to feel like you’re making a comfortable, informed decision about a contractor. If that happens to be the first one you meet with, great! If not, continue on until you find a highly qualified contractor that feels like the perfect match for your project.
  1. Busy can be a good sign

A reputable, experienced contractor is likely to be in high demand, which means you might have to wait a few weeks or even a couple months to get on their schedule. When you consider that you’re making a significant investment in your home, however, isn’t it worth waiting for a contractor you trust to do an exceptional job? We would love to discuss your project, contact us today.
  1. Trust your instincts

There is something to be said for “going with your gut.” You and your contractor — and the construction crew — are going to interact at various points, from the contract drafting and negotiation process to the completion of the work on your home. Make sure you have a good rapport with the contractor. If you get a bad feeling from the start, it could be an indication that the project isn’t going to produce a good result.
  1. Go with a pro

The do-it-yourself industry has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it has inspired everyday people to try their hands at complicated projects that are best left to the professionals. The problem for the average homeowner is that it’s not always easy to distinguish between true pros and individuals who perform weekend jobs on the side. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to demand proof of the contractor’s experience and credentials. An experienced contractor will expect this and will be happy to provide the information you need to feel confident about putting your home in their hands.  
  1. Ask how long the contractor has been in business

You don’t have to look hard to find horror stories from homeowners who have been dissatisfied with a contractor’s work, only to end up unsuccessfully chasing the contractor through the court system in an effort to recoup money for an incomplete or unsatisfactory job. Read about Be Happy Property Services here. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for a small company to close shop when a lawsuit threatens, only to open up under a new name a few months down the road. The risk of this happening to you decreases significantly when you work with a contractor that has been in business for several years or even decades. 
  1. Review past jobs

Take a look at the contractor’s past projects. This is another area where the internet has given homeowners incredibly useful tools for researching potential contractors. Most experienced contractors have a photo gallery of their recent projects on their websites. Be Happy Property Services has a bevy of pictures, information, and reviews. Chances are, the contractor can deliver the same results for your home.
  1. Check the BBB and trade organizations

Is the contractor an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau? Check the ratings online, Anchorage Better Business Bureau.
  1. Verify insurance, licensing and permits

Your contractor should be able to provide you with proof that they have the proper licenses to perform home renovation work in your community. It should also possess the required insurance to cover its workers in case someone is injured while performing work on your property, and it should have all required permits through your local municipality/government before beginning the job. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.
  1. Ask about check-ins

A home remodel is not a “set it and forget it” type of project. Ask how often the contractor will check in with you as the work progresses. The contractor should have someone in the office specifically assigned to act as a liaison between you and the crew performing the work. Discuss this at the time the contract is being drawn up. Which brings me to the next tip...
  1. Get it in writing

It goes without saying that every aspect of your project should be professionally documented. Without a contract, it’s your word against the contractor’s in the event of a dispute about the labor, materials or the quality of the work. An experienced and reputable contractor will offer you a comprehensive contract that clearly explains all the terms, from the financing to what happens if you are unhappy with the work.
  1. Price isn’t everything

If you’re like most people, your home remodel must fit within a certain budget. Although it’s perfectly normal for price to be a prominent factor in your choice of contractor, it shouldn’t be the only factor — or even the most important one. If you opt for the cheapest price at the expense of quality, however, you will almost certainly end up paying for a replacement much sooner than you should. In the long run, this will add to your cost and likely decrease your property’s value.
  1. Be specific about financing

You should know exactly how much you’re paying — and when you’re paying it — before a single hammer flies on your home remodel job. It’s especially important to be wary about contractors that require you to pay in full before any work begins.  You wouldn’t pay for a new car without taking it for a test drive, and you wouldn’t purchase a new wardrobe without seeing it first. Why should something as important as a home renovation be any different? Be Happy Property Services is pleased to offer financing through Acorn Finance.
  1. Know exactly who is doing the work

Will the contractor you hire be the one doing the work, or will the contractor outsource your job to a subcontractor? Make sure you know exactly who will be showing up at your home prior to the first day of the job, so you feel comfortable with and confident about the individuals working on your property.
  1. Ask about materials up front

Understandably, you might not be an expert on shingles or siding, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in the dark about the materials being used on your home remodel. Ask your contractor to explain what types of materials it uses and why. You should also be given options for upgraded materials, as well as materials designed to be more budget-friendly.
  1. Who will be at your home while work is performed?

Will the contractor appoint a renovation supervisor to your job? The contractor should assign a single point of contact to be on site in case you have questions while the work is being performed.
  1. Ask about the what-ifs

Watch enough home improvement shows, and you’re guaranteed to see your fair share of unexpected — and often expensive — surprises. No matter how carefully and thoroughly you plan, it’s usually impossible to know the full conditions behind walls, underneath layers of roofing materials and below the foundation of a basement. Expecting the unexpected should be part of any home remodel. Ask your contractor how it handles the what-if moments when they happen, and how it will affect your timeline and your budget.
  1. Know what happens if you’re unhappy

The contractor should make sure the job is completed to your total satisfaction. In fact, the contractor should be unwilling to walk away from the job until it’s absolutely perfect. Ask them how they handle customer complaints and concerns about the quality of labor and materials.  You’re paying for both a product and a service — the contractor should be 100% committed to doing the job the correct way, and it should have a plan in place to address any issues that come up along the way. Be Happy Property Services employs an amazing, friendly, hard-working crew, that provide full services at affordable prices. In fact, one of the things we hear most often from our customers is that they are impressed with how reliable and considerate our team is! Enjoy your free time, and leave all the hard work to us. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 907-336-7434.

6 Sure Signs That Your Home Needs Remodeling 

Renovating your home can be stressful, let us at Be Happy Property Services make it easier for you! How can you tell when is the right time to have your home be renovated? 
  1. When your floor needs to be replaced 
  2. The roof is leaking 
  3. Your home feels too crowded or too empty 
  4. The paint looks dingy and starts to chip 
  5. The house feels out-dated 
  6. Your kitchen and bathrooms look old 

1. When your floor needs to be replaced.

The first sign that your home needs a renovation is when your floors tiling system is starting to detach. The detachment of the tiles only means that the tile grouting is already wearing off. The more common rooms that will need new floors are bathrooms and kitchens. You can also change up the design and add some wood floors; wood not only looks great, but it’s good for resale. Wood floors can have a great return on your investment. Carpet in high traffic areas should be replaced every 10 years. The look of carpet that needs to be replaced can make your home look like it’s in desperate need of a remodel. By replacing the carpet or adding hardwood flooring, it will significantly update the look and feel of your home.

2. The roof is leaking!

Leakages in your roofing system mean two things: One, the roofing installer and service that you hired is no good, and two – the roofing system of your home is already old and rotten. Either way, your roof needs fixing and renovating. Roofing companies work in squares, which is a 10×10 foot area, 100 square feet. The more square feet your roof is, the more it will cost to replace. If your home has vinyl siding and the paint is chipping, then it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home. 

3. Your home feels too crowded or too empty.

Have you ever encountered coming home to your house and you feel weird, and something is off? When people encounter this, they often feel that their house is either crowded or too spacious. Note that when this happens to you, it only means that your house needs refreshing. You may actually renovate your home by simply re-organizing all the things and belongings inside your home.

4. The paint looks dingy and starts to chip.

Another factor that could explicitly mean that your home needs remodeling is when the interior or exterior paint starts to become worn down, dirty, and chipping. It only shows that external factors are already affecting your home negatively. These factors could be dirt and chemicals. Aside from the fact that this circumstance means that your home is deteriorating already, it could also mean that you need to regard and renovate and clean things inside your home. Apply a fresh layer of paint to your walls on the inside and exterior of your home. Repaint the baseboards and crown molding if needed. Touch up your kitchen cabinets and other areas in the kitchen and bathrooms. Having freshly painted walls and baseboards can take years off the look of your home. If the white is starting to yellow, a nice coat of white paint will do wonders for updating your home’s look.

5. The house feels out-dated.

If you see lots of shiny gold door handles or shiny gold finish on anything really, then it’s about time to start a new remodel project to modernize your home. Older bathrooms will have gold everything, facets, door handles, bathtubs, and shower fixtures. This was a popular design in the 1990s but feels very out-dated in 2021. 

You can buy oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel faucets, door knobs, and other bathroom and kitchen accessories fairly cheap. They are easy to install and can usually be completed in 10 minutes or less. New modern fans and light fixtures can be found on Amazon for under $100. These improvements will have a big impact and make your home feel much newer than before. 

6. Your kitchen and bathrooms look old.

These are the most important rooms in the home, not only for homeowners but also for home bu yers. If you have a very outdated looking kitchen or bathrooms, your home will feel old. You should modernize these rooms and bring them up to date. Give us a call at Be Happy Property Services about your kitchen remodel and renovation project. Bathroom remodeling usually includes new sinks, flooring, shower walls, faucets, toilets, etc. Like a kitchen remodel, the homeowner’s costs are moderate, with a huge payoff. Not only will your house have a great interior design and be up-to-date, but it will also be worth more if you ever decide to sell.  The bottom line is these signs can be very minimal and too “normal” to be seen and noticed in entirety. However, once your home shows these kinds of signs, it only means that your home is starting to deteriorate and needs home remodeling. If you feel like it’s time for a home remodeling project, give us a call for a free estimate. While you can do many upgrades on your own, many projects will need the help of a professional, licensed, and bonded remodeling company to ensure the job is done right, and we would love to help! Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 

Kitchen Renovation: Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

Discover the Kitchen Design Trends of 2021 for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Discover the new kitchen design trends that are kicking 2021 off to a great start.  If you are planning a kitchen renovation, this past year has highlighted several ways we need to use our kitchens to incorporate both remote learning and work. From more workspace in order to use the area for multiple tasks, to getting more creative, here are some new kitchen renovation trends you will enjoy.  


Kitchens have become a centerpiece in our homes as we gather for every meal, have endless zoom calls, and virtual hangouts. Your kitchen can be an office or a classroom, so the addition of warm or colorful colors from the walls, décor, cabinets, and back splashes will make your space feel homier while showing your unique taste and personality.


After spending a year working and learning remotely, the spaces in your home matter more than ever. A kitchen counter can be turned into a multi-use workspace between meals. The same goes for your kitchen table.

As you plan your kitchen renovation, take into consideration all the ways you used these spaces over the last year.

Storage Space

Banish the clutter! With the kitchen busier than ever, the need for clutter to be cleaned up and put away is becoming more urgent. Many kitchens have an open floor space concept, but this leaves  few options to store belongings. Having an island in your kitchen, adding cabinetry (such as minimalist wall to wall cabinets), or clean-lined cabinets can add tons of storage to your kitchen -- without taking up too much space in the room. From storage, décor, and functionality—2021 has many demands for our kitchens.  This is the year to complete those projects you planned last year and to finally make the kitchen you and your family needs and deserves. With the help of a professional handyman from Be Happy Property Services, your options are limitless. Be Happy Property Services provides residential and commercial properties in Anchorage and our surrounding areas with dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded services.  One call, we do it all! 
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