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Lawn Care for Beginners: 3 Surefire Ways to Better Your Yard

Use your lawn care know-how to improve your curb appeal from the ground up. It may be an acre of suburbia or a concrete doorstep, but your outdoor space is the first impression people receive when they visit your property. Here are a few lawn care steps to make sure that that impression is a good one.

Keep it clean

You’d be amazed how many people skip this one. Sweep the porch, cut the grass, and rake the leaves. Remember, you don’t have to go over your lawn with a fine-toothed comb, but clear the junk that accumulates on anything outdoors. If you’re worried about time, try penciling it in to your weekly schedule; say, an hour every Thursday afternoon. While it takes some effort, you’ll notice the difference a little tidying up can make in your lawn’s appearance.

Make a wishlist

This is another good way to boost curb appeal. Maybe you’ve always wanted a stone path, or a water feature, or a tree in the front yard. Let yourself have it! Start by checking out Better Homes and Gardens or your local garden store for ideas. Make sure to do some research; find out what needs to be done, what it will cost, and if you’ll need professional help. Be realistic with your time and money, but if you a vision for your space, it will almost always look great.

Add a personal touch

What impression of your lawn care do you want to give someone looking at your property? Choose a strategic art piece or bit of outdoor furniture that says something about you and your property. Pick a colorful piece of sculpture that intrigues, possibly a sitting area that makes your outdoor space look inviting. Aim to draw positive attention with something that represents what you want to say about your property and your lawn care practices. Now, get out there and build a better yard!

Home Maintenance for Your Log Cabin in 3 Steps

Alaska has a lot of log homes. Unfortunately, most of these properties don’t have proper home maintenance. By the time owners notice the need for maintenance, the residential repairs required may be too extreme without professional help. Here are some good practices to avoid unnecessary damage to your log home.

Do an annual wash of your home

Spraying down the outside of your log home goes a long way. It cleans your property of dust, pollen, bird droppings, insects, and anything else that wears down your finish over time. An annual wash is also a good time to do a quick inventory of the state of your walls; note any chipping and the condition of your home’s stain. If noticeably deteriorating, this is a good time for home maintenance by applying a coat of stain.

Know what kind of stain you have

Assessing the state of your log home’s stain is a matter of knowing what kind you’ve got on your property. If your stain is oil-based, look at knots and the color of your walls; they’ll turn blonde when the finish is wearing off. If your stain is water-borne latex-based, check the glossiness; once the finish is dull, it’s time to do some home maintenance by applying a clear coat.

Remove failed chinking and caulking

Chinking or caulking is acting as the sealant between your home’s logs. However, both of these materials wear away over time. If the edges of your chinking or caulking are peeling away, mark the spots and remove the failing areas with a knife or razor. If the damage is severe, contact a home maintenance professional for help. This maintenance should be done before any stain maintenance.

Commercial Property Advice: Fix It Now, Before It Gets Worse!

Advice for the commercial property maintenance procrastinator:

Whether it’s renovating your bathroom or mowing the lawn, chances are there’s a project around your property that needs some attention. We can all agree that it’s tempting to delay the inevitable. However, the reality is that small repairs left unchecked can turn into commercial property maintenance nightmares. You’re not eager to tile your roof anytime soon, but immediate action means you won’t have an infestation in your attic or water damage the next time it rains. At the end of the day, maintenance now prevents disasters later. Preventative commercial property maintenance is important, and will save you money in the long-term. And who says you have to do it yourself?

Still unsure if you can do this?

Not everyone is Joe Handyman. If you’re seriously concerned about the state of your property, contact a professional. Be Happy Property Services offers free estimates to potential clients.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy: 6 Simple Tips and Tricks

Unclutter your space, and still have time to smell the roses.

Don’t panic.

Spring cleaning can seem like a lot, especially if you’re giving yourself a deadline to get everything done. Take a deep breath and stay calm; being afraid of your spring cleaning means you’ll put it off.