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7 Benefits for Partnering with Professional Handyman Services | Be Happy Property Services

Professional Handyman Services

Homeowners and business owners in Alaska frequently avail handymen to support with an array of repairs. Many repair tasks, from snow removal and holiday lightning, carpentry and plumbing, to excavation and landscaping may arise with time. Be Happy Property Services is proud to provide you with professional Handyman services to exceed your high expectations. To identify the most appropriate professional Handyman service, we recommend to narrow your options based on professional qualities and expected benefits. We recommend our handyman services for the best experience.

Based in Anchorage, we are devoted to providing exceptional quality services to our customers. In this article, we will discuss the top seven benefits for why you should consider Be Happy Property Services for all of your property needs.

Benefit #1: Reliability

Hiring an amateur contractor who may be more affordable could result in more negative long-term consequences. For example, let’s say you hired a handyman to fix a no longer effective electrical box. After one week, the electrical box breaks down again. You may try to contact the handyman but his number is disconnected. Here are some ways unlicensed contractors can hurt you.

Reliability is an important consideration before hiring a handyman service. The handyman should be able to resolve the concern and consider how best to prevent any potential future concerns. They should also maintain availability for whenever you have any questions, even after the project has been completed.  You should only hire someone who you can trust inside of your home or at your business. As our name indicates, Be Happy values your happiness and trust.  We guarantee we will respond immediately and arrive as soon as possible to your location during the case of an emergency or concern. We will not delay projects because we care about long-term success and thus strive to prevent potential future consequences.

Benefit #2: Well-Equipped with the Required Tools

Do you know why a great handyman must be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools required for the job?

To hire a professional handyman service, you must separate the “wheat from the chaff” as only a few handyman services are experienced while others are there as a stop-gap arrangement. For example, other handymen may accept a project, even if they do not possess the necessary skills, trainings, and tools. It is not your responsibility to provide tools. Their actual skillsets may actually differ from those they state they possess. An amateur handyman may not be able to effectively resolve issues as they lack the necessary job aptitude and experience.

We offer you the most skilled team of specialized handymen with the most state of the art tools to provide you the most efficient solutions. From hammers, cordless drills, toolboxes, cordless circular saws, electrical testers, levels, screwdrivers, and many more, we always arrive over prepared.

We possess a registered license which permits us to accomplish a wide range of handyman services. We only hire qualified and certified employees to be a part of our skilled team so we may deliver the best services in Anchorage. Our solutions are evidence-based best practices that have been tried and tested, and if we propose a new idea then we will be sure to share with you as such. We ensure each of our team members has received extensive trainings before beginning projects and receive ongoing training to remain updated about the latest skills, knowledge, and industry standards.

Benefit #3: Excellent Customer-Relationship

Every job requires an excellent service provider-customer relationship, during the job and sometimes even after the job. An employee with excellent interpersonal skills will be able to maintain professionalism, understand your requests, communicate updates and concerns, and effectively address your concern for the expected success of the project. We have sharpened our communication skills so we may avoid and prevent any confusion, misunderstandings, frustrations, and delays.

We provide a handyman team with exceptional skills for developing a service provider-customer relationship by effectively communicating throughout the duration of the project, and even after the project for any follow-up questions.  We have a website for you to easily contact us and provide feedback about our services. Your feedback is taken seriously as we always wish to continue to enhance our skillsets and provide the best quality of services. We also respect individual requests and maintain flexibility so that we may provide you with the best service for your situation. We strive to provide value of our hard skills and soft skills to our customers, so they only wish to collaborate with us and rehire our team.

Benefit #4: Careful in Task Completion

An important factor that separates a great handyman from the conventional or amateur one is his or her interest and curiosity towards the project. A shoddy handyman service will not be your demand and fulfill your expectation. We are not sure about other handymen, but when you will hire us, we will provide you a detailed solution to your problem. It will become our personal mission to best help you. Before determining the solution, we will request to engage in a detailed discussion with you about the project. We will also consult other team members of our team as needed to ensure we provide you with the best solution. Our skilled team greatly values our contracts and will not disappoint you. We will always strive to exceed your expectations as your happiness is paramount to us.

Benefit #5: Free Estimates

We strive to provide clear expectations from the onset. Please contact Be Happy Property Services today for your free estimate and with any questions you may have. Prior to beginning the project, we will discuss the scope of work in detail, provide a plan of action, and mention the estimated costs. After we ensure we are on the same page as you, we will begin working. If another issue arises during the job that we would recommend for you to consider for long-term benefits, we will inform you immediately so that you may consider the additional charges of that issue.

Benefit #6: Insured Team

Working with an insured handyman is a great advantage for you. Most homeowners and business owners actually prefer to hire a professional insured handyman service. The insurance protects the handyman as well as your property in case any accidental injuries or damages may occur

Benefit #7: Acceptance for a Tough Project

Working with a professional handyman service like Be Happy Property Services will ensure you the benefit of true guidance for your difficult issues and projects. We will also provide you with recommendations to consider if we do not feel we are the best for the project or if we feel it would be best to bring aboard additional Be Happy handymen so we may best help you as quickly and effectively as possible. Unlike other contractors who may more so greatly value financial advantages at the cost to you, we do not believe in performing service if we are not experts for that project. We are transparent about our skills. We would rather refer you to another expert than for you to feel unsatisfied.

Bottom line

We have described seven qualities and benefits we would recommend for you to consider in order to ensure you select the right handyman.

Please contact Be Happy Property Services today for additional information about how we may best help you, ensure these benefits, and our utmost top-quality services.

Be Happy Property Services provides Anchorage Alaska Handyman Services, General Contractor, Landscaping and Lawn Care Service and Excavation Services in Anchorage, Alaska. We are happy to provide you a cost estimate on your next project. We are proud Alaskans and our work shows the value we have in our community. Give us a call today to discuss your next project. 907.336.7434 or email us at

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