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Top 10 Handyman Service Myths

Anchorage handyman services

There are myths and unanswered questions related to handyman services. Read this article to discover the truth about handyman services myths.

Many people who intend to use Anchorage handyman services are holding back because of myths based on unanswered questions. The bogus information on the Internet can confuse anyone and make the choices difficult. We are a handyman business based in Alaska who strive to ensure happiness of our customers and to be your go-to for all handyman needs.

To provide answers, we are going to cover common Handyman business myths in this article. We will explain how these myths are not true and how we have proven it with our own Handyman business in Alaska.

Here are the common myths for a handyman business:

Myth #1: Handyman Services Are Limited to Small Repairs

Many people think that handymen can only work on small projects, including small home repairs and maintenance. Handymen cannot help with major issues or remodeling the entire layout of a home or workplace.

Truth: This is not true because handyman services include a long list of a wide range of services. They can work for home projects as well as for business projects. As an Anchorage contractor, Be Happy Property Services is proud to provide various reasonable priced services such as:

  • Property Maintenance Services
  • Residential Contracts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Lawn-Care & Landscaping
  • Holiday Lightning
  • Excavation
  • Snow Removal

Myth #2: A Handyman Needs to Learn Everything

Another common myth is that a handyman must know it all: home maintenance, plumbing, electronic repair, gardening, HVAC, light fixing, etc.

Truth: Let’s face it, no one person can do everything. Handymen are specialized experts in different departments for home repair, electric repair, plumbing, or more. They can provide a variety of services ranging from home repairs to specific bathroom fan installations. This is why Be Happy will provide you with a team of contractors, each with their own specialties.

You can solve this problem by sharing the contract and work that you are seeking help with. We will then send professional handymen who are best experienced to help you. We are happily producing services to many customers in Alaska and we would love to be your Anchorage contactor for all of your handyman services.

Myth #3: A Handyman is Man Only Service

The word Handyman has “Man” in it, so it is a male’s only job.

Truth: Just because the word Handyman has “Man” in it, does not mean it is a male’s only job. Women are also suitable for a handyman job and they succeed as handywomen.

The truth is that handyman services include both men and women as employees. The men and women we employee are skilled, experienced, and know their work inside-out. Moreover, we have a few female clients who are more comfortable working with female contractors, especially for residential contracts. So, if you would prefer a specific gender then we will accommodate your requests but we hope for you to also consider that each one of our handymen provides their own unique skillsets and experience from projects they have worked on.

Myth #4: Handyman Services are Small and Not Worth Paying For

Many homeowners and business owners consider handyman services as small repair jobs and prefer taking the matter into their hands. They think that small jobs do not require any technical knowledge to do it, so, they start doing it by themselves.

Truth: It is not true because even the small home or business repairs need a technical fixer, which is the responsibility and expertise of a handyman. These homeowners and business owners need to understand that Be Happy handymen embrace any given project, small or complex. Our contractors are skilled and qualified to tackle these problems and can prevent smaller issues from becoming larger more complex and expensive concerns. So, regardless of the complexity of your issue, we highly encourage you to consider consulting Be Happy to help you resolve your concern immediately.

Myth #5: Handyman Services are Expensive

Sometimes, handyman services are considered to be expensive. This is especially the belief of small tasks consisting of repair or maintenance.

Truth: Be Happy strives to offer competitive and reasonable priced services and contracts. Our affordable and reasonable services account for the expertise of our handyman and how we will always go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Myth #6: The Charges are Fixed for All Jobs

People often consider and prefer handyman charges to be of a fixed price for all projects, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Truth: Be Happy will discuss the requirements of the project and then calculate the estimated amount of fee. We consider fixed rates to not always be beneficial for all contracts, as the scope of work and time required for some projects may modify based on the needs of the project. We care for our customers and provide a detailed estimate before agreeing to a project.

Myth #7: Handymen are Not Insured

Another common myth is that handyman services are minor services which do not require insurance for employees.

Truth: Every single Be Happy employee is insured prior to beginning any contracts. The handyman services are just like any other service which cares about safety of the clients and employees first. All of our projects are also ensured and we guarantee your satisfaction or you will receive your money back.

Myth #8: Handymen Prolong Contracts

Many people may feat that their project may not be a priority and thus may be prolonged and delayed, longer than originally agreed to.

Truth: Yes, handyman services are frequently demanded services. Before starting a project, we will discuss the estimated time with you for our team to successfully complete the contract. As an Alaskan-based Anchorage contractor, we usually have a long list of pending requests for various projects. So, we will not drag on your project, awaiting for your smaller project to become an even more serious concern. Instead, we do everything we can to prevent larger concerns from arising. We establish the price and time before beginning the project. As our name suggests, we always promise client satisfaction for our work, or we will guarantee your money back.

Myth #9: Handyman are Illiterate

Many people may consider as handyman services as not requiring literacy, rigorous qualification, or specialized training. There is belief that a handyman can easily learn a few new skills from anyone and start a handyman service.

Truth: Handyman services require training, qualification, and special skills. All of our contractors are educated, literate, and trained in different areas such as plumbing, home repair, lights installation, door and window repairs, sealing driveways, and many more. From there, each of our contractors have their own unique specializations and skillsets, as according to their departments.

Myth#10: No Defined Network to Communicate

Another big myth related to handyman business is that there is not a defined communication system. You cannot view the specific ratings and feedback of each contractor.

Truth: We are not sure about every handyman service but Be Happy provides a website platform so you may easily review the projects and ratings of each contractor, and directly connect with your preferred Anchorage handyman contractor. We have a networking team of professionals who immediately respond to any request.

Bottom Line

In this informative article, we tried to answer common myths related to handyman business. You can find bogus or fake information about any service which will hinder you from using it. You cannot overcome these myths until you test out the services. We value our customers’ needs and provide 100% satisfaction. We encourage you to please review our website to learn more about our services and to see the many reviews from our Alaska-based customers. We would love to see yours as well.

Be Happy Property Services provides Anchorage Alaska Handyman Services, General Contractor, Landscaping and Lawn Care Service and Excavation Services in Anchorage, Alaska. We are happy to provide you a cost estimate on your next project. We are proud Alaskans and our work shows the value we have in our community. Give us a call today to discuss your next project. 907.336.7434 or email us at

  1. I love that you mentioned a handyman being able to really help with property management repairs. My partner and I are thinking about getting into investment properties this year. We don’t want to do the DIY work, so we need to get a handyman to help with the tenants.

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