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7 home renovations for 2021

We spent a lot of time at home in 2020 – Now more than ever, people want comfort, refreshed aesthetics and spaces that fit the demands of their new lifestyle. The professionals at Be Happy Property Services are here to support you in making the changes needed. 

Here are some of the top home renovation trends for 2021.

1) Multi-zone kitchens

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when everybody made banana bread? Most might have moved on from that recipe, but we’re all still in the kitchen. Less eating out means more people around the oven. And you know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen – make more room!

Enter the rise of multi-zone kitchens. Today, people want cooking spaces that allow for everyone to flow through the room without dead-ends. That means installing large kitchen islands big enough for handling prepping, chopping and serving endless loaves of banana bread (if that’s still your jam) – all at once.

2) Bathrooms that double as spas

Relax in a world of stress. Escape from the news and find your bliss. Zen vibes only. Since going to the spa right now can be stressful in itself, let us bring the spa to you. What better place to find it than right in the home? 

Freestanding soaking tubs. 

Big rain showers. 

Bidets. (You will be ready for that next toilet paper shortage!) 

Let us help you unwind. All that’s left is for you to do is bring your own candles and glass of wine into your spacious, relaxing home spa.

3) Home office nooks

Nobody expected work from home to stretch from one spring to the next. However, here we are – let’s try to make the best of it.

What was once unused space can become the most productive corners of the home. Nooks, basements and guest bedrooms can become home offices as more businesses make the decision to shift to a work-from-home hybrid model, even after the pandemic ends. Let us help you make that home office perform at its best, with efficiency, comfort, and versatility to boost your productivity. 

4) Open floor plans become closed

Have you ever been in a single room where several people are attending multiple different virtual meetings? Forgetting to un-mute your mic is the least of worries in that situation.

Due to the reality of our new normal, the ever-popular open floor plan is being reconsidered. The open floor plan is not going away anytime soon, but the addition of sliding doors and partitions are becoming more common. Installing soundproofing can also help with privacy.

5) Backgrounds worthy of your many Zoom calls

If walls could talk, they would say, “give us a face lift, please!” After all, they never expected to be the star of so many meetings or virtual happy hours.

Be Happy Property Services is here to help – and that goes beyond slapping on a new coat of paint. Luxe-yet-striking looks is the way to revitalize any room. We’re talking floral wallpaper, fabric upholstery, textured finishes and even blank walls with eye-catching built-ins.

6) Windows that wow

Let there be light! 

Beyond installing new or additional windows, this addition to our list of top home renovation trends of 2021 may also take the form of new lighting. Sconces in the kitchen, a new chandelier in the entryway or back lighting in the bathroom. Whatever you choose, 2021’s going to be a brighter year than last, indeed.

7) The great outdoors made greater

Winter won’t last forever, and neither will the pandemic. 

By early predictions, the timing of when most have received the vaccine may coincide with the return of summer. That means people may be able to more safely host smaller gatherings again, especially if held outside.

Let’s make the outside as grand as the inside, whether that means adding an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. For many, the backyard now takes the forefront.

Contact Be Happy Property Services today to get your home renovations started. Your home is just one call away from amazing! Our bonded, insured and licensed team of professionals are happy to help make your vision a reality.

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