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Handyman services are a common way to spruce up the appearance and function of your home or commercial property. Here are some things to look for, as well as some things to avoid, when hiring a handyman.

Experienced Handyman

When you’re browsing Google or your local Yellow Pages for a potential handyman to hire, make sure you can easily find indications that they have experience to get the job done right. Their website or social page should have a plethora of job-site images from past jobs they have completed. Additionally, check their Google Page for reviews to gain a thorough idea of how satisfied their past customers have been. An experienced handyman should have plenty of positive reviews, and few bad ones.

Licensed and Insured

The last thing you want is to hire someone to make some invasive changes to your home or commercial property only to find that their work was improperly performed. This leaves you with a bigger and more expensive problem to get fixed. If your handyman is licensed and insured, the odds of them being capable to handle the job are drastically increased. Additionally, if they mess something up that requires more time and money to fix, their insurance policy should remove the majority, if not all, of the burden from your wallet. Look for terms “Licensed and Insured” in their advertising, or simply ask them if they have a professional license with a valid insurance policy.


There’s a large difference between the handyman who fixes things and the handyman who aims to please. Nobody wants strangers in their home or commercial space cussing up a storm or smelling the place up with bad hygiene. A professional should show up with a smile, present themselves in a clean and tolerable manor, and make sure that you are happy before they part ways. Small things like vacuuming up the sheetrock dust after drilling some holes carry decent weight with your overall satisfaction. Make sure your choice is a professional before inviting them into your private space.

Look No Further

Having a hard time locating a professional with all of the above attributes? Be Happy PS has you covered. We offer an array of handyman services and promise to leave your property at least as clean as we found it. Our professionals are clean and presentable and will not foul up your property with an unpleasant appearance or inappropriate language. Contact us today for a quote, or click here to learn more about the various handyman services we offer.

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