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Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping your property will help organize the various portions of your land into usable sections. If designed right, your improved landscape will aid in draining excessive water and prevent flooding, as well as aid in the continued maintenance of your property. In this article we’ll give you the basics of some common practices we use at Be Happy Property Services for creating beautiful and easy to maintain landscapes.

Landscaping designs should include ease of access

Some problems you don’t want to run into after you’ve completed a new landscaping project might include the lack of ability to get to certain parts of your new landscape. Garden beds typically need new soil every so often so its good to design the location of your beds for easily accessing with a wheelbarrow. Having tall, elevated beds might be a good solution for a property positioned on a steep hill, but make sure you have a usable pathway that easily navigates to your garden beds. You don’t want to be stuck with carrying shovel loads of dirt or gravel long distances because you can’t get a wheelbarrow where you need it.

Fruit bearing trees often require a cleanup effort once a year to remove the fallen fruit from the ground and/or trees. Again, make sure you can access the trees you plant before finalizing any designs. If you take ease of access into account, you’re back and frustration levels will thank you once your landscape is complete.

Make sure you’re compliant with municipal codes

Landscaping often includes redesigning your property to an extent that makes environmental changes around you. For instance if you install a gutter system that distributes your rainwater to your garden beds, make sure you’re compliant with municipal codes that govern where your run-off can flow to, what needs to be done to filter the run-off and how much run-off the properties around you can afford. It’s best to have a solid understanding of your legal boundaries before setting your heart onto your perfect design.

If you’re incorporating a burn pit or fire bit, make sure and check with your local fire department to ensure you’re not installing the pit too close to any combustible items such as trees/foliage, decking or building structures. The legal requirements for your landscaping endeavors may surprise you, so check on them before you invest too much into a landscaping design.

Consider decorations to accent your landscape

Yard art and decorative objects can really help the appeal to your property. It’s important to keep a theme in focus, and not get too carried away with decorations that contradict each other in terms of style. If you’ve stuck to specific geometries for your garden and tree beds, keep that geometric theme when shopping for landscaping decorations. There are a plethora of different wind-mills, water sprinklers and lanterns (to name a few) that exist just for this purpose. Stay focused with your planned style and don’t deviate. The ambiance of your finished landscape will leave you thankful for your shopping stubbornness.

Which plants where? How many?

There are too many variations in plant and flower species to make gardening a simple task. Some plants require more light than others, more or less water than others, as well as humidity, season length, soil depth and foot-traffic allowance. Designate different garden beds for different locations of your landscape so that each bed will maintain a consistent environment. For instance, place one garden bed in a shady corner for a cooler, more humid environment. Then shop wisely for plants and flowers that will thrive in these conditions: less light and more moisture.

Alternatively, place a garden bed in a sunny area of your property so you can afford plants that require more sunlight and a drier soil system. For high foot-traffic areas, be sure to plant species that can handle the large amounts of traffic. You don’t want to spend money on flowers or plants that will end up dying a week later because they can’t handle the environment in which you planted them.

For a decent guide on what flowers to plant where, and in what densities, visit There, you’ll find a large collection of information regarding just about any plant or flower you could include in your landscaping project.

Don’t get overwhelmed with landscaping

Planning a new landscaping project and actually completing it can be a substantial amount of work. If you need help in either planning your project, or completing its construction, rest assured that Be Happy Property Services is here to help at any step of the process. The staff at Be Happy PS is skilled in the knowledge of design principals that actually work, as well as how to successfully turn those designs into reality. Be Happy PS staff also has plenty of experience to help you through the permitting process and staying compliant with municipal guide-lines. To read more about our landscaping services click here to view our landscaping and excavating page. You can also click here to request a free quote for for your up and coming project.

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