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Make the Most of Your Alaska Outdoor Living Space

Alaska Outdoor Living Space

For many homeowners, the front and back yards provide completely different environments. If you are an avid gardener or landscaper, the front of your home provides a natural showcase for your gifts. The back yard, on the other hand, is where your family lives and plays in the long, hot days of summer. If the back yard and front yard serve such different purposes, it makes sense — both design-wise, and from a practical perspective — to create a barrier between those two worlds.

Protect Your Privacy

Drive by your home and look into the back yard. Assess how much of the back yard can be seen from the road, and use that information in your planning. If your back yard is highly visible to those passing by, consider installing a high fence to preserve your privacy and that of your family. If the back of the home is largely shielded from the road, a row of hedges might be all the barrier you need.

If you are looking for privacy, a fence between 8 and 10 feet high is a smart move. Wood or white PVC is a good choice for a privacy fence. Split rail wood is a good choice for decorative fencing, while a chain link fence is a good choice for keeping your dog confined to the front of back yard.

Sketch Out Your Upgrade Ideas

Sketch out what you want your front and back yard to look like, and where you want the partition point to be. Include any existing structures and landscape features, including swimming pools, gazebos and patios, in your sketch. If you have a pool in your back yard, you could use that as a demarcation point between the front and back yard. You can extend the required fencing around the pool to the rest of the back yard, creating a private area for swimming and relaxation.

You can use the sketch as a starting point when you start shopping for the materials you need. For instance, you can use your sketch to determine how large an area you need to enclose, making it easier to shop for fencing and other materials.

Make the Most of Your Existing Landscape

Check the natural barriers you already have in place, and think about how those natural barriers can be used to separate the front yard from the back. If you have a row of bushes or hedges growing across part of the front yard, consider planting additional bushes and shrubs to create a natural wall.

If privacy is your goal, look for species of shrubs and bushes that grow to six feet or higher. Choosing fast growing varieties will help you create your natural barrier more quickly. Some of the best species of shrubs and bush for this purpose include holly, azalea and yews.

If you do need to augment the natural barriers in your landscape, you can do so with a variety of effective and attractive fencing options. Just contact a local fencing company and ask them to install a fence to separate the back yard from the front. Use swinging gates to allow easy access and movement from one part of the home’s exterior to the other.

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  1. I want to make sure that my landscape looks nice. It makes sense that I would want to consider changing some things around! I can see how using what I have already could be beneficial. Some excavation could help me get things leveled out to how I want it.

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