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As 2019 comes to a close, many business owners are already thinking about how best they can remodel their commercial properties during the new decade. Have you considered how remodeling your commercial property could help boost the morale of your employees, attract new customers, and retain the interest of existing customers? Here are a few factors to consider to help you determine whether commercial property maintenance may provide you with the return on investment you seek.


Save on Energy

High energy usage of your commercial property will only cause you to spend more on higher utility bills. Not only will saving on energy cause you to spend less on utility bills, but your company’s stakeholders will also appreciate your efforts to go green and save our Alaskan environment. Have you considered investing in energy-efficient activities like installation of double-paned windows, insulation, energy-efficient appliances, using solar panels, and programmable thermostats?


Customize for Community Bonding and Freshness

Commercial improvement projects present you with a chance of allowing your employees and customers to personalize how they prefer for your commercial property to look. You could host social media campaigns and attract interest to your business as your stakeholders collaborate and vote on the upgraded design of your commercial property. Together, you can select the interior design colors you prefer, the perfect flooring, and the landscape of your lawn for that fantastic personality touch.


Alaskan commercial property improvement projects do convey a sense of freshness. Your employees will appreciate the better ventilation and a more luxurious workspace with upgraded bathrooms, kitchens, board and meeting rooms, and employee engagement rooms. Prospective employees and customers will also be more likely to choose your business to help your business grow if your commercial property feels suaver.


New Commercial Property Trends to Consider in 2020

As time goes by, modern commercial improvement trends are being developed by interior designers and commercial property experts. Here are some of the trending 2020 remodeling techniques you can always look forward to:


Modernize Wallpapers and Ceilings

A new and exciting commercial improvement trend that is set to become popular next year is more modern wallpapers and ceilings. Your wallpapers and ceiling can add great character and personality to your commercial property while maintaining a professional appeal. You can opt for geometric designs or paper designs; both options will offer you that extraordinary elegance.


Landscape and Excavate

Perhaps, there is snow and ice scattered around your property which needs to be removed. Protect your company from lawsuits due to your employees falling.


You can also freshen up your commercial property by landscaping, maintaining your lawn, or adding potted plants throughout your commercial property. You can also construct more buildings by excavating.


Organize and Declutter

Disorganization can impede an employee’s ability to focus and think clearly. Fortunately, adding shelves and purchasing storage baskets will create some space to store personal belongings and to declutter. You can install extra cabinets around your office to keep your files secure and well organized.


Revamp Your Parking Garage

Do not allow your customers, employees, or other stakeholders to become frustrated and turned away by your parking garage. Do not allow your garage to become disorganized, dirty or rusty with an inadequate number of parking spots. Would your outdated parking garage benefit from thorough modernization, organization, redesigning, and repainting?


Recommendations for Common Commercial Property Improvement Challenges

Renovating your Alaskan commercial property can present some serious challenges to you as a business owner. The problems can be severe, prompting your project to stall or turn out to be a disaster. Here are some tips from our experienced Alaskan commercial contractors in Anchorage to help you prevent common Alaskan commercial  property improvement challenges.

Budget: Setting aside the funds for your commercial remodeling project can turn out to be challenging but is a key business expense for a well worth it return on investment. Contact Be Happy Property Services today so we may offer quotes to help you financially plan for your commercial property remodeling projects.


Hire the Right Commercial Property Improvement Expert: Selecting the best Alaskan commercial contractor or handyman services can be a bit stressful. You may have various options to choose from, hence, causing a selection crisis. But with Be Happy Property Service, you will always find the best commercial property and maintenance services at an affordable cost.


Purchase Products and Materials: The market offers a wide variety of renovation products and materials. Why go through the effort of identifying which products and materials to use? Your experienced Alaskan commercial property contractor can enlighten you about which products and materials would best suit well your commercial property. If you do have particular preferences, then do share as Be Happy Property Services always offers services personalized according to the unique requests of each client.


Use Power Tools and Manuals. You may feel that a DIY commercial property improvement project would allow your employees to bond. You may feel that if you have watched YouTube videos about tutorials or follow the manufacturer’s user manuals then you will be well equipped to use power tools. You may even begin the commercial renovation project and then competing priorities may arise, snowstorms may cause delays, or key employees may take vacations. If you have an incomplete DIY commercial property improvement project or would benefit from additional guidance, then consider contacting a professional Alaskan commercial property contractor.

Be Happy Property Services understands the hassle and challenges that commercial property owners face in Anchorage. We also understand the importance of creating a commercial property that is personalized but would also have great resale value at a further date. We offer well-renowned commercial property and maintenance services to help our clients enjoy a modern workplace. We take pride in our pool of experienced commercial contractors as we guarantee every client great value for their money.





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