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White Christmas Light Installation

White Christmas lights

Christmas lights come in many colors, but if you want to create a simple but elegant festive look to your home, go with white Christmas lights. We discuss white LED lights and give decorating ideas using these lights.

Holiday Decorating with White Christmas Lights in Anchorage or Wasilla

Lighting is an important element in Christmas decorating, both inside and outside especially in Alaska. In the past, people relied on candles in glass cups and lanterns to produce the warm white glow for that holiday feeling. Electric Christmas lights have taken over since Edison’s invention of the light bulb. Today, there seems to be an unspoken competition among neighbors and businesses when it comes to lighting their holiday decoration, but white Christmas lights remain to be the most popular choice.

LED Lights Installation

With the introduction of LED lights, many people have been encouraged to step up their holiday decorating. LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lights are illuminated by electrons moving in a semi-conductor material. LEDs have longer life than incandescent light bulbs and are cheaper to operate because they require less power.

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not overheat and they give out brighter lights. They come in small and medium sizes, and 25 to 70 LEDs are usually combined. LED sets can be connected to each other so it is possible to have 40 or even more than 100 sets in one long connection for a simpler and easier installation of white Christmas lights. You won’t need to use splitters or extra extension cords and your whole lighting arrangement can be powered from one outlet.

When buying white LED Christmas lights, get more sets than what you think you need. Because they are very popular, LED lights often sell out and you may have difficulty finding a set when you decide you want more for your Christmas display. Department stores usually carry a large supply of LED lights. Stores typically start offering these lights in the early fall. In case the stores run out of stock, you can purchase LED lights from the many online stores selling Christmas ornaments.

Decorating Ideas with White Christmas Lights

LEDs are ideal to use as Christmas lights for your home or business establishment. Available in a variety of styles such as wide angle, rock lights, icicles, twinkles, rope lights, and pole mounts, LEDs are not only nice to look at but they help keep your spirits up. You can arrange LEDs to create different motifs such as stars, snowflakes, palm trees, and more.

Mount white Christmas lights using a mounting track or mounting clips. These lights are so versatile; you can use them anywhere to create a festive feeling in your home. Put them inside and outside to add dramatic flair to your holiday decorations. Wrap white LED lights around the trees in your yard or wind them around a trellis. Line them along the ceilings in your home, stairways, and porch railings. Add white Christmas lights to natural or artificial garlands and wrap them around columns or lamp posts, or place them on top of your mantel piece. Intertwine LED lights with wreaths and other arrangements to make your door more welcoming. Add magic to your evening strolls by lining your walkway with white lights or draping your fence with them. If you have stone benches and fountains, wrap them with strings of lights.

We can use white Christmas lights in many more ways to enhance your home or business during the holidays. Just let us tap into our creativity and use our imagination to transform your place into a dreamy winter wonderland for all Alaskans to enjoy.

Let Be Happy Property Services Install Your White Christmas Lights

We are providing holiday lighting services in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla. If you would like a quote for lighting of your home or buisness please contact us today. We are happy to bring the joy of the holidays to your home or business without the hassle.

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