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The best ROI home improvements – get the biggest return on your investment


The best ROI home improvements – get the biggest return on your investment.

Want to make sure that renovation is worth it when selling? 

Real estate experts identify the home improvement areas that will give you substantial returns – and those that don’t.

The big question everyone wants to know – What are the best ROI home improvements, and will the home improvement you are planning give you a decent return on your investment? 

These are the questions every savvy home seller should be asking themselves, probably even more so than the more traditional question, “will it add value?”

There are many ways to add value to a home that include dozens of different ways to boost your home price. Yet, the bottom line stands true – If you end up sinking substantially more capital than you will ever recoup through a sale, a home improvement will not be a good investment. 

Conversely, a simple improvement that is inexpensive and requires  minimum of effort that gives you back 100 percent is a definite YES. So let us look at the top 4 ROI remodel and improvements you can get starting on doing today.


No surprise here, remodeling a kitchen remains one of the home improvements with the highest levels of return on investment. There are estimates that a kitchen remodel, although costly, will return anywhere between 50-75% (or more). 

If you’re deciding between a kitchen and a bathroom remodel, go for the kitchen. The reason is that even if the bathrooms are older, a retail buyer perceives a full kitchen remodel as more valuable and convenient. Buying a house with a newer kitchen (and older bathrooms) means the new homeowner can tackle the bathrooms if/when they’re ready, one bathroom at a time.

Buyers simply do not want the hassle of a kitchen renovation – If you’ve ever lived through a kitchen renovation, setting up a makeshift kitchen and having to actually use it, can be a complete nightmare!

If you don’t want to completely remodel a kitchen, there are other ways to make a big difference when selling. Refacing existing cabinets, swapping old counter tops for new quartz or granite, changing out the hardware, adding a fresh coat of paint, new stainless steel appliances, and more modern, trendy plumbing and electrical fixtures can make all the difference.


A great home improvement that can give you a very high ROI – 70-80 percent in many cases. A buyer‘s first impression is critical and doing flooring projects may have a huge impact.

You can learn how to refinish hardwood floors yourself, or contact the professionals at Be Happy Property Services. Whatever you do, don’t miss an opportunity by covering up an existing wood floor with carpet, which will almost certainly lose you money. 


Don’t fancy a huge remodel project? Don’t worry – there are plenty of smaller changes you can make that will give you a good return on investment when selling.

Exploring fresh paint ideas is one of the easiest ways to prepare your home for a sale. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to the interior of a house. If you are thinking of selling your home, paint the interior before listing it. A fresh coat of light (think whites, light grays and creams) paint to main living spaces can create the feeling of a larger, warmer space.


Don’t forget your outdoor space and its huge potential to give you great returns for not very much investment and effort. Modest backyard landscaping ideas have been known to increase the average ROI. What is meant by modest? Simple landscaping updates that are easy to maintain and won’t require your buyer to do lots of gardening. Be Happy Property Services is your #1 pick for landscaping professionals.

Think a general tidy-up, a few low-maintenance bushes, and a neat driveway. Mow the lawn, pick up the twigs, weed the flower beds and put down some fresh mulch. 

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