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It is Lighting Season!

White Christmas lights

Do you love making a festive showing for the holidays? 

Does your HOA or neighborhood have a spoken or unspoken friendly competition for the best Christmas lighting display? 

Decorating your home for the holidays is a great way to create a festive mood for Christmas and beyond. 

Whether you have an annual tradition of hanging lights on Thanksgiving weekend or you struggle to make the time and squeeze it in when you can, we think you should consider hiring Be Happy Property Services lighting professionals this year. 

We offer you the six best reasons to let the professionals handle your home’s Christmas decorations:

  1. Ladders

Are you afraid of heights or just hate wobbly ladders? 

We don’t blame you. 

There are hundreds of injuries each year from homeowners falling off ladders while hanging outdoor Christmas lights. If you hate doing it, are clumsy, or just want to stay safe, avoiding the ladder is a great reason to let us hang your Christmas lights this year.


  1. Tangled Lights

After making the time to decorate your home for the holidays, you dig out the bins and start pulling o

ut lights – only to find that every strand you grab is tangled beyond your untangling ability or patience level. 

What to do?

Do you sit there and spend an entire day untangling, transforming the one-day task into an entire weekend project? Or do you call the pros?

Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team will handle every bit of your home’s Christmas display from design and installation, to take-down and storage.


  1. Burnt Out Bulbs

Maybe you managed to avoid tangled strings of Christmas lights, but after spending the day hanging them, you see large portions of your string lights that are not working. Big bummer. So begins the hunt for the single (or multiple) burnt out bulb(s) that is shorting the hours of hard work you have put in. I’d rather avoid that, wouldn’t you?


  1. Football

Whether you are an NFL fan on Sundays or a die-hard fan on Saturdays, prime football season coincides with ‘hanging Christmas lights’ season. One of the best reasons I’ve ever heard for hiring the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team company is to avoid interrupting football. You could miss the biggest play of the season if you are out on a ladder instead of cozy inside watching the game. 


  1. Baby, It is Cold Outside

Hanging outdoor Christmas decorations and taking them down is a very cold affair. With frigid temperatures and winter winds, installing outdoor Christmas lights can be uncomfortable. Let the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team handle it so that you can stay cozy indoors.

Expert Design, Meticulous Installation, Professional Results & We Take Them Down

While most people that decorate their homes for the holidays have no problem feeling the festive mood to hang outdoor Christmas lighting, the take-down can be a different story. 

Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team handles everything!

We mean everything! 

We’ll design the display, order the supplies, install the lights and décor, and then, we’ll even come back and take those lights down after the holidays. An important task, especially considering most of us don’t have the same ambition or energy after the holidays. 

We can pack and store your lights for the summer so that next year, we can do it all again!

Don’t wait! Christmas is coming upon us fast and the time needed to design, order and schedule your installation is limited. Like every business right now, we have limited employees and our wait time can be a bit longer than we like. 

Call us today to begin your Christmas lighting design consultation with the Be Happy Property Services professional lighting team, or reach out with our easy contact form below!

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