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Why renovate this summer?

Why renovate this summer?

Home renovation is always a great feeling. You are rebuilding your home to suit your needs better and make it a more pleasant living space. Completing your renovations in the summer allows you to be outside enjoying yourself. As our Alaskan days grow longer and temperatures get warmer, we gravitate to the outdoors to relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Make the most of your backyard and personalize your outdoor living space with the experienced professionals at Be Happy Property Services, with options to suit every type of lifestyle and any size of yard.


The Deck and BBQ Area

Whether you’re a new couple who just moved into your first house, or a full family with teenage kids, everyone needs a place where they can spend the Alaskan summer days relaxing with friends and having a great time. A beautiful deck and BBQ area may be the finishing touches you are needing. 

Have you been dreaming about a large wooden deck to place some comfortable benches and couches?

Or maybe a sweet outdoor set up is more your style, with a dedicated grill area and an enclosure to keep the kids or animals safe. 

Whatever it is you are looking to add to your home can be built in time to fully appreciate our Alaskan summer sun and the fall and winters to come.

Accommodating the family

As your family grows, so must the house you live in, this could mean adding a nursery or renovating a grown child’s bedroom once they have left. Home renovations don’t have to be a massive inconvenience. Many put these off because of the inconvenience of construction materials taking up space and the possibility of less room to use during renovations. 

Not with Be Happy Property Services! We put our customers first and are dependable, reliable, and get the job done to your satisfaction. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today to start on your home renovations this summer. For help with all your home renovations contact Be Happy Property Services at (907) 336-7434 today!


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