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Kitchen Renovation: Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

Discover the Kitchen Design Trends of 2021 for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Discover the new kitchen design trends that are kicking 2021 off to a great start. 

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, this past year has highlighted several ways we need to use our kitchens to incorporate both remote learning and work.

From more workspace in order to use the area for multiple tasks, to getting more creative, here are some new kitchen renovation trends you will enjoy.  


Kitchens have become a centerpiece in our homes as we gather for every meal, have endless zoom calls, and virtual hangouts. Your kitchen can be an office or a classroom, so the addition of warm or colorful colors from the walls, décor, cabinets, and back splashes will make your space feel homier while showing your unique taste and personality.


After spending a year working and learning remotely, the spaces in your home matter more than ever. A kitchen counter can be turned into a multi-use workspace between meals. The same goes for your kitchen table.

As you plan your kitchen renovation, take into consideration all the ways you used these spaces over the last year.

Storage Space

Banish the clutter! With the kitchen busier than ever, the need for clutter to be cleaned up and put away is becoming more urgent.

Many kitchens have an open floor space concept, but this leaves  few options to store belongings.

Having an island in your kitchen, adding cabinetry (such as minimalist wall to wall cabinets), or clean-lined cabinets can add tons of storage to your kitchen — without taking up too much space in the room.

From storage, décor, and functionality—2021 has many demands for our kitchens. 

This is the year to complete those projects you planned last year and to finally make the kitchen you and your family needs and deserves. With the help of a professional handyman from Be Happy Property Services, your options are limitless.

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