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The Importance of Sparking Holiday Lighting Service in Anchorage

holiday lighting service in Anchorage

With the start of November, we will begin to plan our holiday season. We will be graced with the beauty of the holiday season, such as the White snow creating a winter wonderland, family and friends gathering to enjoy the auspicious holidays, and Holiday lights that beautify and raise our morale during the dark Alaskan days. One of the most alluring aspects of this time of year is the array of sparkling colorful lights and cheerful decorations adorning streets, trees, sideways, street lamps, commercial buildings, and residential properties. Holiday lights are not only the tradition, but a necessary decor for our festive moods.

Creating a beautiful and festive environment in your home or place for work is really important and joyful. Be Happy Property Services provides you professional Alaskan handyman services. The quality brought to you by our hard-working team will allow you to enjoy the best lighting decorations during your favorite holiday season, and that too all stress-free. Our experts can enhance or transform your place into a welcoming, cozy, and festive property.

Our Holiday Lightening service will help you set up your quality eye-catching décor this winter. We are a team that considers the customer first, and will always embrace you with a friendly attitude and respect. We are recognized as having a keen eye for a sparking décor, and the holidays are our favorite time of year.

We will help you:

  •   Hang outdoor decorations (including wreaths and many more decorations)
  •   Christmas lights to adorn trees, hedges, and shrubs
  •   Decorative pathways, walkways, and driveways with beautiful festive lights
  •   Increasing the holiday vibes with lit windows, doors, beds, rooflines, mailboxes, and archways

We also offer our custom designed lights, created just for you, to help you amaze your Alaskan neighbors and visitors.

Our Anchorage lighting service has enjoyed experience decorating lights for shopping malls, schools, corporations, restaurants, hotels, homes, and various other Anchorage locations.

We are not just prepared for making your home or workplace fascinating, but we are enthusiastic to help you have the most alluring decorations during the festive season. It is our mission for everyone who sees your décor to be wowed!

When it comes to installation of spectacular holidays lights, please  do not hesitate to call Be Happy Anchorage Services. Please do call soon though as with the popularity of the requests, our schedules do become quite populated. However, no worries if you need last minute décor, we will still try our very best to accommodate.

Why hiring a professional holiday lighting services in Anchorage is important.

As we said, our Residential Property Services in Anchorage has a team that is full of hard-working experts that can efficiently decorate your house or workplace. So, hiring an expert team that has a friendly attitude will help you with your decorations, but will also create a joyful and dazzling environment.

The Importance Of Hiring Be Happy Property Services

First of all, hiring a lighting service such as ours is so important because we make your holiday even more beautiful than it already is. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to properly set up the lights. Our team is here to make it right. Avoid yourself safety risks and the trouble of burned-out bulbs.  Allow us to help save you time and stress this holiday season.

Here are some DO’s and Don’ts to avoid some common Holiday Lightening mishaps so that you don’t end up like the Grinch:

What you should AVOID:

Here are a list of naughty mistakes to avoid when installing holiday lights:

  •       You should not connect different codes

The most common mistake is mixing codes of different lights. If you will connect a #50 light with #100 light, the low capacity light will explode instantly. The same goes for any other combination. The connection of lights is not an easy task, and is not worth you taking the risk by yourself. Instead, trust a professional Alaskan handyman contractor.

You should not overcharge cords

A normal extension cord (9 ft.) can handle 3 sets of lights so you can adjust light sets according to the capacity. If you will exceed or overcharge the extension limit, then burnout may occur.

You should not connect novelty light sets into end-to-end plugs

If you connect novelty light or lighted-tree topper sets into end-to-end plugs, there is a high probability of a permanent burn. To avoid this occurrence, we recommend you use the right plug outlet or hire a contractor for Lightening services in Alaska.

What you SHOULD do:

Here are a few tips to follow:

You should attach light strings before using them

If you want to easily decorate a Christmas tree and evenly distribute the right light around the tree, you should plug in the light beforehand to check and find the burned-out bulbs or the missing ones.

You should plug the lights into a protector

It is critical you plug the lights into a surge protector to keep the lights safe from voltage spikes.

You should use bulbs with appropriate voltage

It is important to remember that various bulbs have different types of voltage. While using different bulbs in your holiday lightning, use the bulbs of the same voltage as your light set or extension to save yourself from an explosion.

We understand that Holiday Lighting may be challenging and that even if you follow these steps as recommend, we cannot assure you that you will connect and set them professionally.

So, your next question might be, what to do when the Holiday Lights fail?

This question is very common and as a popular Anchorage Handyman, we recommend:

  •       To check the lug fuses of the light set, and if the fibre within the fuse is broken, you should replace it!
  •       To check if all of your plugs are plugged into an adequate power source.
  •       To run your finger slowly over the tops of the bulbs, while the light set is plugged into sufficient power source to check if the light set comes on. If it comes on you should remove and replace the bulb because it causes a short in the circuit.
  •       To use a tester if you replace a burned-out bulb in a mini light set.
  •       To make sure that there not too many lights plugged into the cord. There may be an overload.
  •       To make sure that there should be no more than two sets of lights plugged into each other.

Why should you hire a holiday lighting service in Anchorage

When you consider how busy you are and the many check-list items to fulfill this busy season, you may realize that time is limited this holiday season. As you may still be interested in a property that is cozy and joyful but do not have the time yourself or are not interested in the risks, why not consider contacting Be Happy Holiday Lighting Service to see how we may help you this holiday season?  Take time and enjoy yourself with your family on weekends, instead of climbing a ladder, increasing your risk of falling, and still not yet quite setting up the most professional décor and lights. We love creating your lights and decorations in the way that you prefer so we welcome your ideas and plans. We guarantee that we will provide you the design that you have always dreamed of, as holiday time is all about turning dreams into wishes and helping them come true. Take the hassle and stress out of your holiday lighting today.

Don’t Forget

The end of the festive season can be hard, so a lot of Alaskan citizens don’t remove the lighting until summer! Don’t let that happen to your property! Please allow us to take on that challenge as quickly and efficiently as we can for you. You can take a breath and relax because we will remove everything you prefer, so that you will not have to worry about the lights anymore.

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